Sober Living at CCAPP: 30 Years Strong!

CCAPP represents the social model approach to recovery and has actively supported residential recovery for over 30 years. CCAPP has a long history of excellence in providing training, technical assistance and advocacy for programs throughout California. CCAPP is the only organization recognized by California's Department of Health Care Services as providing registration for Sober Living Environments.

If you are interested in establishing an SLE in California, or obtaining SLE registration for an existing SLE with CCAPP, you may find the links listed under "CCAPP Registered SLE Resources" helpful.

If you are in recovery and would like more information about sober living, scroll down  to find some helpful links and a directory of CCAPP's registered SLEs throughout California. 


CCAPP Registered Sober Living Environment (SLE) Resources:


Step-byStep Guide to Establishing a Sober Living Environment

CCAPP Sober Living Standards Checklist

CCAPP Registered Sober Living Application

Articles that SLE owners and advocates may find useful:

NARR Registered Sober Living Standards:

CCAPP is currently aligning its standards with the National Association of Recovery Resources (NARR); future applicants should begin preparing to follow NAAR guidelines

Three Legal Protections:

Three legal protections California Local Governments and providers of sober living  and other independent living for persons with disabilities need to know



CCAPP Registered Sober Living Environments: The Right choice for Your Next Step in Recovery

CCAPP endorses the concept of sober living and the establishment of Sober Living Environments (SLEs). Current research shows that the longer a person is exposed to and part of a sober community, the better the chances are for long term recovery.

Often fear sets in when you, a newly sober individual imagines living life on your own again. What will happen when you start making all of your own decisions when you no longer have other people there who are equally committed to getting well to communicate with at all hours of the day and night‌?

Rightfully so, these are often some of the most frightening thoughts people in the first few days or weeks of treatment have to deal with. Avoiding drugs and alcohol is much easier when you are in a safe, controlled environment that has your best interests at heart. You are not alone! Everyone who goes through recovery feels the same way; has the same worries. Together we can overcome sobriety’s challenges and attain victory!

How does sober living in California work?‌ California sober living environments are very much like a “home away from home.” All of the residents are involved in recovery. As a group, residents work together, using the skills they have learned while in treatment to support each other in the early stages of sobriety. This creates accountability, friendships, and dedication to a life of recovery.

While you begin to face the outside world and stressors of life, sober living can help to hold you up, carry you when you are down, and light your path when it seems too dark to walk. The confidence you feel after you leave is like none other. Knowing that you’re not alone, that you have connections with people who understand and can help you during the rough patches life brings, is a proven way to support sobriety.

CCAPP has established a registration process for homes meeting  CCAPP Sober Living Standards. The process includes annual visits by CCAPP trained inspectors who review the Sober Living Environment to assure that standards are maintained. CCAPP also investigates complaints from consumers and encourages SLEs to address any deficiencies.

To see a list of CCAPP Registered Sober Living Environments, click here. To see CCAPP SLEs with a website link, click here