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Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor I (CADC-I)

Becoming certified offers employers and clients a greater sense of your capabilities and experience. Becoming a Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor I with CCAPP will give you the recognition you deserve to move forward in the profession. Having the CADC-I is an accomplishment that tells the world you have the commitment and dedication needed to promote change and save lives. 

Requirements for applying for the CADC-I Credential without a degree:

“CCAPP Certification is the 'gold standard.’ I know that wherever I go in this profession or in the world, my accomplishments will be valued. The journey toward certification has been more than just a professional pursuit - I’ve learned so much about myself and the gift I have of saving lives. CCAPP made the journey an experience of a lifetime. ”

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► 315 hours approved education

► 255 parcticum hours (internship experience)

► 3,000 hours supervised work experience (includes all practicum hours)

► Passing score on the IC&RC ADC examination

► Renewal due every two years on DOB (continuing education required)

Requirements for applying for the CADC-I Credential with an Associate's Degree:

► Associate's Degree in Behavioral Science or Allied Mental Health Profession (must include 315 hours approved education)

► 255 practicum hours

► 2,080 hours supervised work experience (includes 95 practicum hours)

► Passing Score on IC&RC ADC examination

► Renewal due every two years on DOB (continuing education required)

Fees and Discounts

Portfolio Review

►$145 Member

►$280 Non-Member

Written Exam

►$164 Member

►$338 Non-Member

**You must pay both the application review and written exam fees at the time of submission.

Benefits of CCAPP’s Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor I Credential:

►Approval to be employed at state licensed and certified facilities

►Recognition of skills and competencies required to treat clients in any setting  

►The security of knowing that you are on the path to the highest levels of certification in California

►The pride that comes with saying, “I’m a CCAPP CADC-I!”


To review the requirements for the CADC I certification in full, please click here to see the Certification Handbook for the CADC I/CADC II

For more information about IC&RC and their credentials, please click here.

Applicants are not eligible to test in, you will be sent missing documents if you complete an online application for testing in.

Click here to begin Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor I Application

To apply for the CADC-I using a paper application, please see our forms page for the most current application. Please note that any information entered in an incomplete online application will not be retrieved by staff to combine with a paper application. All applications must be submitted in entirety online or in hardcopy form. Hard copy applications must be complete. A re-review fee of $25 will be assessed for incomplete applications.


If you need assistance in completing the online form, please visit certification FAQs, or call a certification staff member at 916-338-9460.


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