Welcome Transfers!

CCAPP would like to congratulate you on your decision to transfer your certification or registration to the strongest, most representative AOD organization in California.


You will now be a part of the celebration sweeping the state.


Registration transfers are at no cost.


You will be billed on the date of your previous registration's expiration. On that date you will be asked to begin paying standard registration fees. Complimentary registration until your previous registration expires is our way of thanking you for joining the launch of our new organization, CCAPP.

There is a portfolio review fee of $125 for certification transfers at this time. Certification must be current in order to transfer.


Transfer applications are quick and easy. Please take a moment to complete the online transfer form for certification or registration by clicking one of the links below. Your application will be promptly reviewed. For registrants, proof of registration for your employee file will be e-mailed to you. For certified counselors, a hard copy of your certificate will be mailed to you. 


Click here to begin CCAPP Registration Transfer Application

Click here to begin CCAPP Certification Transfer Application


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