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Certified Co-occurring Disorder Professional (CCDP)

The Affordable Care Act calls for greater collaboration between addiction and mental health professionals and care for co-occurring disorders is complex and complicated - it requires specialized training. Substance abuse or mental health training alone doesn’t really prepare professionals for dealing with the interaction of both disorders, which are constantly influencing each other. Treating co-occurring disorders is a distinctive discipline, which blends the best of mental health and substance abuse treatment into a “third technology” – and the best way to do that is to hold a co-occurring disorders credential. The CCDP credential requires professionals to demonstrate competency through experience, education, supervision, and the passing of a rigorous examination.


Requirements for applying for the "CCDP" Credential:

“As my career has progressed, I find myself working more and more with interdisciplinary teams. The need for integration is on our doorstep with the Affordable Care Act. Getting my Co-occurring Disorders certificate gave me practical skills I didn't know I was missing. I was glad to see this certification offered by CCAPP, because CCAPP means quality wherever you find it!”

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A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in co-occurring disorder or behavioral science with a clinical application

200 hours approved co-occurring disorder training in specific areas

 200 hours of experience in the nine performance domain

6,ooo hours of experience (4,000 hours of co-occurring specific work experience) 

Passing score on the ICRC co-occurring disorders professional written exam


You must pay for portfolio review and written exam at the time of submission.

Fees and Discounts

Portfolio Review

►$145 Member

►$280 Non-Member


Written Exam

►$164 Member

►$338 Non-Member


Benefits of CCAPP’s Certified Co-occurring Disorder Professional:

Reciprocity throughout the United States and many countries

Recognition of skills and competencies required to treat clients in any setting  

Increased employment value for interdisciplinary work

►Better case management opportunities

►Ability to provide "cross training"

The pride that comes with saying, “I’m a CCAPP CCDP!”


Click here to download the application handbook for the CCDP

Please use the paper application to apply for a renewal of your certification. 

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