Become a LAADC*!

CCAPP invites you to become a Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LAADC*) and to join our campaign to pass Licensure in California

A Licensed Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor is the highest level on CCAPP's career path. With a master's degree, professional liability insurance, and standards equal or higher than licensing statutes in other states, the LAADC puts CCAPP counselors on par with other licensed disciplines in California. The Affordable Care Act is opening new avenues and the demand for licensed level counselors has never been higher. Don't wait for the California Legislature to recognize your qualifications, get licensed today!  

Requirements for applying for the LAADC*:

“Studies on the SUD workforce say that there is a desperate shortage of professionals to treat addiction. I am glad I chose to dedicate my career to such a satisfying profession. SUD treatment is now one of the ten essential benefits that must be provided under the Affordable Care Act. I am ready for the challenge!”

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 Completion of a Master's Degree in Behavioral Science or an Allied Mental Health Profession

Proof of completion of 300 hours of alcohol/drug counseling specific education, with at least six hours specific to counselor ethics (This can be included in the MA degree)

 Proof of Professional Liability Insurance coverage in the amount of $1.3 million per incident 

 4,000 hours work experience

►Completion of the following trainings from a CCAPP approved provider: 10 Hours in Private Practice, and 40 Hours in Screening for a Co-Occurring Disorder


 Passing Score on the IC&RC AADC Exam


Fees and Discounts

Portfolio Review

►$145 Member

►$280 Non-Member

Written Exam

►$164 Member

►$338 Non-Member


**You must pay for the portfolio review and written exam at the time of submission.

Benefits of CCAPP’s Licensed Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor Credential:

Approval to be employed at state licensed and certified facilities

Ability to bill many insurance providers

Recognized as the highest level of competency in California

Preparation for state licensure

Reciprocity throughout the United States and many countries

Recognition of skills and competencies required to treat clients in any setting  

The pride that comes with saying, “I’m a CCAPP LAADC!”


*LAADC is a non-governmental license

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* Important Information about the LAADAC (LAADAC FAQ)


*CCAPP Credentialing is the autonomous authority to offer credentials, standards and
requirements for CCAPP.
*These non-governmental licenses do not imply or allow the individual holder to diagnose as specified under applicable state or federal law. (These licenses are not issued or mandated by state or federal law.)

To apply for the LAADC using a paper application, please see our forms page for the most current application. Please note that any information entered in an incomplete online application will not be retrieved by staff to combine with a paper application. All applications must be submitted in entirety online or in hardcopy form. Hard copy applications must be complete. A re-review fee of $25 will be assessed for incomplete applications.

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