CCAPP Education Institute

Defining Standards for AOD Education Since 1967

CCAPP is the largest statewide consortium of community-based for profit and nonprofit substance use disorder treatment agencies, and addiction focused professionals, providing services to over a 100,000 California residents annually in residential, outpatient, and private practice settings. Its 12,000 individual counselors and 500 programs providing substance use disorder treatment services in the majority of DHCS licensed and/or certified sites throughout the state and constitute the largest infrastructure of the state’s publicly funded substance use disorder treatment network. CCAPP is the only statewide consortium representing all modalities of substance use disorder treatment programs.

Education and research are essential ingredients to keeping current with advancements in the profession of alcohol and drug counseling. At CCAPP, education is the key to competency and at the core of our mission. CCAPP identifies and qualifies education institutions; approves continuing education providers; and supports AOD education systems through research, grants, and test development. CCAPP honors the many education options professionals have available to them, including college and university settings, the CAARR Institute, and online learning.

CCAPP Education Institute has the exclusive responsibility of reviewing all education providers who wish to have curriculum approved for meeting CCAPP certification. To determine if an educational institution or continuing education provider is currently approved for continuing education, click here. To view a list of approved schools (for core education) click here.  

How can we help you?

CCAPP is here to support you in your education goals. The State of California allows registrants five years to complete education to become certified - keep adding those classes, and before you know it, you'll have one of these! 

Approved Schools:

CCAPP approved education is available at over 25 community colleges, state universities, private educational institutions, and online distance learning. CCAPP also recognizes individual courses of education offered at most major universities. Content areas include:


• Introduction and Overview

• Physiology and Pharmacology of Alcohol and

Other Drugs

• Law and Ethics

• Case Management: Assessment, Orientation,

Treatment Planning, and Relapse Prevention/

Aftercare Planning

• Individual, Group, and Family Counseling

• Personal and Professional Growth

To view a list of approved classes or to find information about receiving approval for individual classes,

Click here.


Continuing Education: Making Your Hours Count

All CCAPP credentials require continuing education on a biannual basis, with specific content areas for some renewals. CCAPP approves continuing education providers and issues provider numbers for all approved education providers.


  • I want to become registered but I haven't taken the nine-hour orientation course - take me to it.
  • I need to renew a credential and want to see a list of approved continuing education providers - show me a list.

No Wrong Door to Education with CCAPP:

  • Do you want to attend classes with instructors and students in the room with you and traditional college programs won't fit your schedule? The CAARR Institute/CCAPP Academy is for you!

  • Do you like self-paced, distance learning (online), CCAPP accepts online classes too. 

  • In college or thinking about applying? CCAPP certified counselors are the largest group of AOD college alumni in California! 

  • Not sure how to get there - you can choose any, or some of each to reach your education goals. Just make sure you view our approved provider and schools lists before you enroll. 

Benefits of  attending the CAARR Institute (Soon to become the CCAPP Academy):

  • Great modular format - 27 Classes in 155 hours (Click here to view class list)
  • Classes designed to be interactive and keep you thinking!
  • Mentoring and career assistance
  • The security of knowing that your education will count toward certification - it isn’t lost or wasted along the way
  • The pride that comes with saying, “I’m a CADC-CAS!”
  • It's affordable - the cost of the 155 hour course is only $1,200 and can be made in monthly payments. (Check or credit card only)

About the CAARR Institute:

The California Association of Addiction Recovery Resources (CAARR) established the CAARR Institute in 1978 to offer an alternative form of education for recovering people working in the alcohol and drug treatment profession.

Many of these recovering people chose to work in programs providing peer leadership and experience after finding recovery themselves through participation in alcohol and drug programs. It was discovered that these individuals, who understood the process of recovery that worked for them, could improve their effectiveness by gaining knowledge and technical skills through education.

The Institute was designed to be offered in a comfortable, less "academic" atmosphere in easily accessible locations.  Instructors are recruited who have an in-depth understanding of the curriculum and can enlighten students with their vast experience in the field.  

As more research on recovery and addiction becomes available the curriculum is revised, edited, and expanded to meet the changing needs of students, programs, and the people they serve.

Today the Institute has grown and is offered at locations throughout California, including suburban, urban, and rural communities. The geographic scope of the CAARR Institute reaches from Imperial County in Southern California and as far north as Modoc County.The CAARR Institute has been translated and is offered to students in Mexico and South Korea.

The curriculum addresses a broad scope of information including but not limited to the areas of "Core Competencies" as developed in the CSAT TAP 21. Successful completion of the Institute fulfills the education.