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FAQs for AB 700: Career Ladder

CCAPP has taken an "Oppose Unless Amended" position on AB 700, counselor career ladder for the following reasons:

  • Requires all SUD counselors to obtain a college degree to continue counseling by January 1, 2018.
  • Does not grandparent current workforce into the career ladder; regardless of current certification, those without an advanced degree are relegated to the bottom rungs.
  • Bans private practice unless the counselor has a license from another board.
  • Creates extensive new regulation and requires certifying organizations to pass this cost to its members.
  • Establishes new requirements for education that reduce education options.
  • Reduces the number of counselors available to treat addiction in California.

To see an FAQ about AB 700, click here.




C-CARA Web Page Activated

CCAPP has launched a new website to help its members, colleagues and the public keep track of legislation to forward the objectives of the California Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Act (C-CARA). Help make California the first state iun the nation to provide "on demand" care for the treatment. Visit it today!